JSC Kcell together with Qrator Labs entered the market of counteraction to DDoS and hacker attacks on Kazakhsta

JSC Kcell together with Qrator Labs entered the market of counteraction to DDoS and hacker attacks on Kazakhsta


JSC Kcell together with Qrator Labs entered the market of counteraction to DDoS and hacker attacks on Kazakhstani Internet resources with their filtration center located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Number of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on personal computers or computer system owned by popular Internet resources tends to grow in recent times. Such attacks are aimed at disablement of computer system through submitting large number of false resource-intensive queries. As a result of such outsider actions the equipment blocks up and becomes inaccessible while completely terminating web-site operations.

According to research conducted by various international companies, about 2000 DDoS attacks occur every day in the World Wide Web Internet. Average cost of one attack, capable of disabling company’s Internet system for one week, costs just $150. About 2/3 of research participants (63%) suffered from DDoS at least once during the year. In addition to direct damages and loss of users loyalty, attacks also affect staff productivity. 11% of respondents were under attack six or more times per year (from among those who was under the attack for the past 12 months); 46% have been down for 5 hours; 23% - for more than 12 hours. Approximately 1/3 of all downtime cases were caused by DDoS attacks.

As a rule, DDoS attacks are triggered by unethical practices and hackers fraud aimed at destabilization and disablement of promo websites, Internet resources of electronic commerce, financial operations (payment systems, banks), mass media, large corporations, state authorities and etc.

KCell Company offers owners of popular Internet resources and those, for whose business is based on Internet website, a complex solution to protect from DDoS attacks. Kcell is an operator for such a service having a filtration center in Kazakhstan. Businessmen won’t have to change hosting providers or communication operator. An advantage of this service form Kcell is automatic protection from DDoS, easiness of connection (requires changing only A-record of a websites and it is protected), online accounting on Personal Account and the shortest time reaction to DDoS attack ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. In addition, clients support is provided 24 hours per day in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

“Offering complex business development solutions we strive to become our В2В clients’ business partner in the first place. Internet commerce sector is actively developing in Kazakhstan. Therefore we are sure that the service “Protect from DDoS-attacks” will be demanded by local companies for whom Internet is the environment of interaction with clients and partners and company website is a business resource,” - Arti Ots Chief Executive Officer, JSC “Kcell”.

Kazakhstani IT market is one of the most rapidly developing in CIS generating large-scale projects. Therefore the sphere of counteracting to DDoS-attacks has a major growth potential. Kcell is sure that new service will help significantly improve conditions for successful development of companies specializing in electronic commerce.