activ has supported the TECHLABS CUP Cyber-Sport Championship

activ has supported the TECHLABS CUP Cyber-Sport Championship

activ has supported the TECHLABS CUP Cyber-Sport Championship


3rd season of the TECHLABS CUP 2014  Cyber-Sport Championship will take place in Almaty. It is the largest Cyber Festival within CIS where the most advanced gamers of Kazakhstan will battle for win. activ has become a general partner of the Championship in Dota 2 discipline.


The Cyber Festival will be carried out for the fourth time, and Almaty is one of the key cities in CIS where titans of video games will be identified. Main disciplines of this season are Dota 2 and CS:GO. Participants will play per one series of games in “to three wins” format.


Two teams: xGame.kz and Next.kz, will fight in Dota 2 virtual battle. At that one of the most popular teams in Kazakhstan - xGame.kz – has been directly invited by sponsors, and Next.kz has passed to the final by open online qualification.


This season the prize pool for every video game will be three thousand US dollars, at that two thousand US dollars will be given to the winning team, and the remaining amount will be given to the lost team.


“Nowadays the TECHLABS CUP is not just a cyber-festival, but it is a complete show with online viewers not only within CIS but globally. The objective of our Championship is to gather the gamers’ community together and to develop the cyber-sport professionally”, - said Alexey Burdyko, the representative of TECHLABS CUP.


According to TECHLABS CUP data one third of adult population in Kazakhstan play computer games at least from time to time. Above one million of adult players are video gamers, and among them there are about 500 000 of active gamers in our country.


“Popularity of the cyber-sport grows from year to year, and we are glad to be the part of such large-scale event as the TECHLABS CUP 2014 Championship. Video games are trend, and activ is a brilliant and progressive brand that tries to be on the same wavelength always. Moreover we offer all gamers and those who want to be online all the time the service “Annual Internet” from activ, when every subscriber can get to 20 GB monthly per year paying once”, - commented the Director on Mass Market Development of JSC “Kcell”, Khikmatulla Nasritdinkhodzhaev.


Final of the TECHLABS CUP 2014 Championship will be held in Almaty on December 6th, from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm, in Mega Park Mall.