Changes to composition of executive body

Changes to composition of executive body

Almaty, May 11, 2022 – Kcell Joint Stock Company (“Kcell” or the "Company") (KASE: KCEL), one of the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Kazakhstan, informs its shareholders and investors that its Board of Directors has adopted the following decisions as part of measures to improve the Company's performance efficiency and to respond the current strategic challenges:

  1. To elect Askhat Uzbekov to the position of Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Management Board of Kcell JSC, effective May 11, 2022;
  2. To elect Yuri Kharlamov to the position of Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Kcell JSC, effective May 11, 2022;
  3. To terminate the term of office of Askar Yesserkegenov, member of the Management Board, Chief Technical Officer of Kcell JSC, effective April 27, 2022.

The new composition of the Management Board of Kcell JSC:

  1. Askhat Uzbekov – Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer;
  2. Yuri Kharlamov – Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Operating Officer;
  3. Maria Averchenko – member of the Management Board, Chief Commercial Officer;
  4. Dina Nurpeissova – member of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer;
  5. Azamat Uisumbayev – member of the Management Board, Chief Corporate Officer.

CV of the Chairman of the Management Board:

Askhat Uzbekov graduated from Turan University (Kazakhstan) in 2000 majoring in International Economics. In 2022, he took his Executive MBA from London Business School. Until 2005, Askhat Uzbekov worked in the tax and audit departments at Ernst & Young Kazakhstan LLP, and for the next seven years, until early 2012, he has held various positions in the Treasury Department of KazMunayGas Exploration Production JSC. Then for almost 2 more years, until December 2014, he worked as CFO at KMG EP International (Netherlands).

In January 2015, Askhat Uzbekov joined Kazakhtelecom JSC, the largest national telecom operator, as Finance Director. In March 2015 he was appointed Managing Director - Chief Treasurer of Kazakhtelecom JSC. In January 2016, his job responsibilities were expanded to include the duties of a financial controller of the Kazakhtelecom group of companies. From September 2016 up to the present, he has held the position of Chief Financial Officer of the company. Askhat Uzbekov was actively involved in the acquisition of the 75% stake in Kcell JSC in 2018.





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Company Overview

Kcell is a national provider of the digital telecommunications services: mobile and fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) services, data transmission and Internet access, financial services, digital services and mobile applications, IT solutions in the field of system integration, the Internet of things, machine-to-machine connectivity, collection and processing of big data and cloud computing. Kcell is also a leading mobile operator in Kazakhstan providing the ‘smartphone+tariff’ service.

Kcell has become the largest digital ecosystem in Kazakhstan with a competitive advantage through its value-added services such as mobile financial services, mobile TV, online movies, music, books and magazines, as well as unique solutions for business customers. The company holds leading positions in the B2B market thanks to its strategy of vertical infrastructure solutions and development and implementation of the cutting-edge technologies. The company’s ​​4G/LTE network covers 67.5% of the country’s population and provides high quality services.

The company operates under its two brands - Kcell and activ that are widely recognized in our highly competitive telecom market due to the high quality of customer service. Thanks to its clear multi-brand architecture, Kcell increases its business efficiency in the B2C segment through optimal pricing for bundled offerings, customer base profitability management and network quality.