Gifts from activ/Kcell every day just for you! 50% cashback on bus fare in Nur-Sultan and Aktobe

The entire month of June, save on public transport in Nur-Sultan! In Aktobe, use public transport for half price!

Pay for public transport with your prepay balance using Visa QR in the activ/Kcell application and get an instant 50% cashback.

To get cashback, simply:

- scan Visa QR code (you will find on the sticker inside the bus) via the activ/Kcell app;

- confirm payment and get your electronic ticket, which will immediately appear in your account on the app.

This payment method is available to prepaid customers on all public transport vehicles that have a Visa QR sticker. Before making a payment, eligible customers need to make sure they have sufficient account balance to pay the ticket price.

Please, be reminded that in Almaty, Petropavlovsk, Aktau and Turkestan, customers who pay for public transport using Visa QR in activ/Kcell applications, will get up to 25% cashback.

*Cashback is only provided for 2 (two) VisaQR payments per day per.

Learn more about ‘Cashback with Visa QR’ here here