Dear Students!

Especially for you, we launched the KcellBigData internship program in business analytics, data science, data engineering, devops. During the internship, 15 best students will be able to pick up new skills in Big Data at Kcell, one of the largest telecom operators in Kazakhstan.

If you are a 3 or 4 year student and study in the physics and math faculties and technical universities in Almaty, if you know how to write code in Python and want to learn Big Data skills, leave your application. Based on the test and interview results we will select applicants for the KcellBig Data internship program. We will announce the results as early as 25.05.2021.

What do you need to get an internship?

  1. By 9.05.2021, submit an application using the Registration Form;
  2. From 10.05.2021 till 16.05.2021, take a test (it will be sent to your e-mail after registration);
  3. From 17.05.2021 till 25.05.2021, participate in an interview.

During this 3-month internship, you will be able to work in business analytics, data science, data engineering or devops together with our BigData team and will be involved in current projects from the development of logic to launch in Produсtion. Get real skills and the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

Our goal is to contribute to the formation of valuable specialists for the future of Kazakhstan!

Follow the KcellBigData project and stay updated on the latest developments.

We wish you all good luck and success in achieving your goals!