POS-terminal in your phone: make your business mobile

Kcell and Halyk Bank have come up with a unique offer for business – ‘Buy Samsung Galaxy A31/A51 with preinstalled HalykPOS app and get a gift’. Now you can purchase a Samsung Galaxy A smartphone that already has the HalykPOS application installed. Or you can purchase one through the Contract Phone service from Kcell by paying the full retail price outright or by installments. If you choose to pay by installments, your phone will come with included monthly airtime and data allowance.

Why is it good for business?

  1. You get a full-fledged mobile POS terminal, which you can start using right away and pay later. If you buy one through the Contract Phone service from Kcell, your phone will have included data and minutes allowance which will refresh every month.
  2. No need to purchase a large cash register and install a stationary POS terminal. Also, a big plus is that you can always carry your mobile terminal with you, which is very important for ‘payment on delivery’ options. IN-STORE OR ON THE GO
  3. You can use your mobile terminal without constraint: it accepts payments by phone and cards (all cards popular in Kazakhstan) on a 24/7 basis.

To purchase a Samsung Galaxy A through the ‘Buy Samsung Galaxy A31/A51 with preinstalled HalykPOS app and get a gift’ deal, call 5869, or write to pc@kcell.kz, or contact a Kcell/activ office or store in your area.

Another advantage of using your smartphone as a POS terminal is that you can make transactions faster. Thanks to the NFC technology, smartphones do not use an mPos terminal (a device that requires you to hold your card near it to capture the information). NFC already has am embedded cash register software, that is, acquiring is done via a smartphone without additional equipment. All you need to do is run the app. This technology is suitable for absolutely any business: stores (offline and online), courier services and ateliers, beauty salons and sports clubs, transport companies and manufacturing enterprises.

The most important issue for everyone dealing with money is safety. The developers assure that, if someone attempts unauthorized transaction, the funds will be credited to the account linked to the smartphone - that is, to your or your company’s account. Attempts to hack the software will also be immediately blocked by the program itself.

Tap to learn more halykpos.activ.kz