Listen, Watch and Read together with activ

The leading mobile operator - Kcell announces the launch of multimedia services line - activ music, activ TV and Bookmate by activ to access entertainment content anytime and anywhere. From now on one can plunge into the universe of entertainment by activ on a one- two-three basis. One is music, two is TV viewing, and three is reading.

New entertaining applications by activ offer an opportunity for Kcell and activ subscribers to never part with your favorite songs, TV shows and books in your smartphones and tablets - anywhere, anytime. All three services are presented in Kazakh, Russian and English languages and support sharing function in social networks.

Right now there is a turning point in the music industry that can be observed where digital music moves music on different physical media back in time. Kcell Company subscribers can become part of the global movement for listening to streaming music using activ music service. Access to almost two million legitimate Kazakstani and foreign songs, creating personal playlists, listening to songs offline, ready-made music selections for different occasions, built-in radio, and ability to share them in social networks - all of this is available in activ music.

activ TV – ability to watch more than 100 local and foreign educational, entertainment, sports, children's TV channels in real time mode and the ability to manage your favorite content. Now the subscribers themselves can choose where, when and on which device they want to watch the programs and TV channels they like. They can switch between airways and devices, rewind, pause shows, record and view their favorite moments. Convenient feature of this application is a reminder of the start of the selected show or program a day, an hour or just before its start.

Bookmate mobile library by activ provides readers with access to 500 thousand books in 8 languages. Among them, 3700 books in Kazakh language were made available specifically for Kazakhstan. Creating personal bookshelf, saving quotes, creating the desired list of books, downloading books into the smartphone memory for offline reading – this is not the entire list of all the advantages of the application. For example, when you pay from the number balance, Kcell and activ subscribers who downloaded the mobile library from the App Store can save on subscription. Mobile traffic for subscribers when downloading and reading books on the Bookmate by activ will not be charged for.

"We live in an amazing time: the world is changing, we are changing together with you and the market is changing. Very soon voice communication will become nothing but a pleasant memory. In this regard philosophy of our company is simple and effective – keeping our focus on customers, developing and improving the quality of network, launch new services to meet enormous demand for interesting and "heavy" content. Last year, we talked a lot about the beginning of transformation stage from a standard operator to the universal service provider. Today we are pleased to demonstrate the first results of these changes. We are confident that our new products will fully meet the expectations of our customers. We also believe that they are going to change their experience and help discover entirely new possibilities for bright, eventful and exciting life with the Universe of entertainment by activ", - said Arti Ots, CEO of Kcell JSC".

Subscription price for activ music for Kcell and activ subscribers is 20 tenge per day, for the first 30 days you can use the service free of charge. In order to join the service subscriber needs to download a mobile app or register on web-portal; the service can also be accessed by dialing *987#OK from the mobile phone.

In order to connect activ TV service, Kcell and activ subscribers can register on web-portal, in the mobile app or by dialing *757#OK from mobile phone. Subscription price in the "Starter Pack" is 29 tenge per day. The first three days of use are free of charge.

Bookmate by activ is available for Kcell and activ subscribers for 19 tenge per day. Free trial period is 7 days. To subscribe to the service you can download the app for iOS-based and Android smartphones, or register on website, and by dialing short combination of *909#OK.

Services are available for download to iOS smartphones and tablets through App Store and to Android through Google Play. For activ music and activ TV services for Kcell subscribers, inbound and outbound Internet traffic is not charged for; for activ subscribers inbound and outbound Internet traffic is not charged for on some popular tariff plans such as "Hello, Kazakhstan". Additional information on the services is available on portal.

Cisco Company predicts that in 2019 mobile data transmission will grow almost 10 times*. This will affect an increase in the number of high-power mobile devices, increase of data transmission speed and extension of services that generate Internet traffic. Already this trend can be observed in Kcell and activ network – each year the amount of data traffic consumed by subscribers increases. Only over the last two years, the use of mobile internet by Kcell subscribers increased almost twice. The Company is actively expanding its network to meet the growing needs of its customers for high-volume data transmission.

* According to Cisco Company’s forecast, presented in the "Visual Networking Development Index: Global Mobile Traffic Forecast for the period of 2014-2019".