Kcell subscribers can save their phone number switching from one brand to another within the Company


The subscribers of Kcell mobile operator are given an opportunity to save their number while changing brands within the company. They may switch from Kcell to activ and from activ to Kcell starting from November 16. Thus, Kcell and activ subscribers can choose the best ratio of price and quality and change Company’s brands keeping the number and balance.

Any Kcell/activ subscriber can use the service and switch from Kcell to activ and from active to Kcell provided that the number belongs (officially registered) to him/her and has no overdue payment. The process is quite simple: the client shall visit Kcell Center or Kcell Store showing the ID card to the client service manager and filling out an application.

"We go on focusing on our customers. It is our main strategic goal. That is the reason for launching such a convenient and simple service of quick switching from from Kcell to activ or from activ to Kcell. We believe that the credit payment in Kcell will attract many subscribers of activ who would like to be online any time without thinking of charging. Moreover, launch of this service fully meets the expectations of our customers since they proposed the idea of making transition between these two brands possible. We are only implementing their idea" - said Arti Ots, CEO of JSC" Kcell".

A dedicated website www.mnp.kz and 5151 Hotline have been launched for making convenient choice between Kcell and activ or activ and Kcell. Now the customers can find detailed information on keeping the number while switching from one brand to another within the Company.

In addition, the Company continues developing its network in an active way focusing on data transfer and preparing to 4G launch. To note the data transfer at "Kcell" has grown almost in 2 times compared to Q3 2014. Further extension of 3G coverage and usage of potential of this technology to its maximum for providing a stable mobile Internet to Kcell subscribers is the priority for the Company. 76% of Kazakhstan population is able to connect to the 3G network of "Kcell". The Company's customers are actively using all the advantages of the latest mobile technology. Due to this fact 37 million GB of mobile data was transferred during the first 9 months of this year. It is 74 percent more than the amount which was fixed for the same period of last year. The speed of data transfer up to 18 Mbit/sec at Kcell network was recorded during the drive tests taken place in Almaty last week. The Company is always improving the quality of its network. The cluster optimization, which has been implementing for the last 10 months, improves the coverage and quality of 3G network as well as voice service. All of these activities is reflected as 2 times growth of NPS Index.

* While this service is available for individual clients.