"Kcell" in Aktau: active development of network coverage


Arti Ots, Chief Executive Officer of "Kcell" has outlined the key trends of the telecommunications market in Kazakhstan and shared the plans for the nearest future today in the press-center of "Caspian Riviera" hotel.

According to Arti Ots, Internet traffic consumption will guide the development of the telecom market in Kazakhstan in the near future. Therefore, the task of "Kcell" is to fully conform this trend in products and services, network quality and speed of mobile internet connection.

"In order to entirely ensure the growing needs of the population in the area of mobile Internet, the company is constantly working to upgrade and increase the capacity of its network. We have launched 10 new stations to expand the capacity of the network within the city of Aktau. "Kcell" provides the connection between 49 of 61 settlements in the region, 25 of which are covered with 3G. Starting from the beginning of the year we have covered two more villages with 3G network: Sai-Otes and Syngyrlau. Today, "Kcell" is the only mobile operator that enables more than 3,000 residents of these villages to access the mobile Internet. We currently provide coverage to almost all villages with a population of 1,000 people and more, all major fields and roads of national importance. And the company does not stop. There are plans to install 70 new stations, intended to improve the quality and increase the network capacity, mainly in the cities of Aktau and Zhanaozen. I want to note that our communications work even in Karagiye, the deepest trench of the country, which is located 132 meters below sea level", - said Salamat Ismagambetov, head of the branch of JSC "Kcell" in Mangistau region.

The interest of Mangistau region population to the mobile Internet is growing rapidly. Currently, over 48 percent of active customers of "Kcell" from the region access the Internet through the company network. "Increased consumption of our mobile Internet by our customers is connected both with the development of network coverage and increasing penetration of smartphones. The top-choice for the citizens of Mangistau region purchasing smartphones in Kcell-Center is indisputably iPhone", - shared information Salamat Ismagambetov.

More than half a million of Mangystau region population choose Kcell and activ. The company offers a variety of products and services designed specifically for the regional consumers’ preferences. A great example is tariff "Toi" created for long conversation lovers, as it enables the customers to pay 11 tenge for the first minute of a call, and then talk for free up to thirty minutes. Another popular rate "Yelim ay" at daily fee of 15 tenge allows talking for free within the network while staying in Beineu district. In early June, the new tariff "Hello, Kazakhstan" by activ became available in the area.

"Hello, Kazakhstan²" package at 1490 tenge per month offers 1,490 minutes for calls to all operators in Kazakhstan, 500 SMS and 10 GB (5 GB both for day and night time). "Hello, Kazahstan³" package provides 1,990 minutes for calls to all operators in the country, 500 SMS, and 18 GB of Internet traffic (9 GB both for day and night time) at 1990 tenge per month.

"Our new range of tariffs "Hello, Kazakhstan" reflects our core principle to focus on customers and their needs and offers an optimal combination of activ minutes for calls to all operators in Kazakhstan and a considerable amount of Internet traffic. We believe that Internet traffic consumption will guide the development of the telecom market in Kazakhstan in the near future. Therefore, "Hello, Kazakhstan" tariffs take the key customer needs into account. Everything we are doing this year is aimed at developing and improving our services, rates, service quality in order to meet the high expectations of our customers. This year MNP (mobile number portability) service becomes available in Kazakhstan, and "Kcell" is aimed to benefit from this, because the company works for customers who need network quality, excellent service, competitive tariffs and, of course, new services and products", - said Arti Ots, Chief Executive Officer of "Kcell".