Mobile applications site from activ at UNITY Family Festival

On June 6th – 7th the Unity Family Festival will take place in Alatau Resort, Almaty. The main objective of this Festival is reunion of a family, preservation of family traditions and creation of harmonic environment for a child and his/her parents. In turn activ will teach parents and their children how to use various useful mobile applications at Digital life site.

All participants of the Festival will enjoy a remarkable atmosphere – the family world, for the third time. This time adults and children will spend two days in a fairy-tale town with fantastic heroes and take part in activities of over ten various sites. Also there will be issues raised at this Festival on adjustment of children with disabilities to the society and development of children creativity.

For instance, in the health zone parents will be able to consult with medical specialists, participate in master-classes and examinations. Shows, contests and on-stage group performances will be conducted in the Unity creativity site. The U-special zone will collect children with disabilities with a customized program developed including sports competitions and master-classes. Facilitators have prepared a really special event for adults and children in the Masters’ Town – master-classes from craftspeople and artists of arts and crafts and many others.

activ could not remain uninvolved and has prepared a special-purpose Digital Life site for the Festival participants in order to share with children and parents with secrets of smartphone handling. During these two days there will be eight master-classes held from activ at the Digital Life site where you can test a series of useful applications.

Guests of the Festival will learn how to use smartphone applications that will make it possible to keep contact with children all the time and watch their location online. The Master-Class "Mobile Applications for Health" will teach how to monitor weight and calculate calories, adjust loads during physical exercises etc. using the smartphones.

"The family is the foundation of the society we live in, therefore it is quite important to preserve family values and facilitate harmonic development of our kids. It is great that mobile technologies may become a part of parenting which will help parents to keep contact with their kid easy and open, to watch their kids via variety of mobile applications. We are happy to support the UNITY Family Festival and be the part of this wonderful streaming", - has commented Arti Ots, Chief Executive Officer of JSC "Kcell".

This Festival was organized by association of such companies as "Sabon&K" Event Agency, "Creativity Laboratory – ETO" Center of Children Creativity Center, "Reklamatrest" Advertisement Agency, "Health" Magazine, and under partnership with social centers of children with disabilities development: "Satr", "Kenes", "Ardi". This project has brought specialists in the areas of health, family psychology, culture and creativity together, and it will be a real event in the life of our city.

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