Welcome multicolored summer at YARKOcross together with activ


Already third year there is a bright event in Kazakhstan – colored race YARKOcross. All collected funds go to Regional Public Organization “Plant a tree” for greening of our country. This year it goes with the support of activ that will color all race participants into “orange” color after crossing of special brand station. 

On 31st of May, last spring day, Almaty will be the first city that starts the colored races. The crosses will pass in Astana, Karaganda and Shymkent after the south capital during all the summer.

The YARKOcross rules are very simple and remain unchanged: wear white clothing at start and be bright at the tape. The race distance is 5 km, meanwhile the participants can run or just walk – there are no winners or losers, and there is no age limitation.

The YARKOcross is not just a funny event; it has a serious charitable purpose. In the previous years, the collected funds from the race were spent by Regional Public Organization “Plant a tree” for planting of 4250 trees in Almaty, Astana and Karaganda. This year the charitable script remains the same. All collected funds from the tickets will be addressed to planting of the trees in each city-participant of the cross at autumn of this year.

«That is great that there are such interesting projects as YARKOcross in Kazakhstan, where the participants spend their time with fun and huge good. We are happy that activ became a part of such positive bright and colorful event. We are inspired by charitable purpose of the cross as well – environmental improvement of Kazakhstan cities. By such unordinary race we want once again to attract attention of metropolis residents to active participation in ecological movement and improvement of air condition in metropolises», - commented out Arti Ots, Chief Executive Officer of JSC “Kcell”.

Throughout all “five happy kilometers” the participants will be strewed by colored hypoallergic paint-powder. At the previous races it was used 8.7 tones of colored powder which content is kept in secret by the organizers. They are joking that the powder contents the happiness, gladness and love.

«YARKOcross for the first time in Kazakhstan was passed in 2013 and gathered about 5 thousands people, in 2014 the quantity of participants exceeded 11 thousands of people. This year, we are planning to gather more than 17500 people in four cities. People like to joy, come with their families and friends. We are glad that activ supports this bright event, after all we are the partners by the project “Green city” as well», - mentioned Dauren Zholdasbaev, Managing Director of Regional Public Organization PosadiDerevo.kz

Please be remind that in spring of 2014 the company K-cell together with Regional Public Organization "Plant a tree" start an ecological project "green city", in which everyone can contribute to landscaping of country, sending sms at the cost of 100 KZT to the short number 1101.  

In Almaty YARKOcross will start on 31st of May at 08:00 at square opposite to shopping and recreation center “Dostyk Plaza”. Participants’ registration on site www.yarkocross.kz is till 26 of May, issuing sets of participants for Almaty citizens is till 30 of May in shopping and recreation center “Dostyk Plaza” on the first floor, opposite to supermarket galmart from 12:00 till 20:00 everyday. Details are on site or by phone 8 (727) 390 01 90 (from 11:00 till 19:00).

The dates of holding in other cities will be announced later, that is why please follow the news. Bright summer to you all!