Kcell Store

Kazakhstan’s largest mobile operator Kcell blurs the boundaries between customer service and sales. Today the company presents its first Kcell Store in Almaty – a brand new approach to retail design. The concept store represents the synergy of shop and club to deliver superior customer experience. Kcell changes its retail business model and sets the new trend in the telecom market. 

The new model, in fact, blurs the boundaries between customer service and sale. Customers are now able to test all the smartphone features before making a purchase. The store consultants, who are themselves advanced users, will show how to take the most out of the gadgets using various mobile applications. The customers will be able to test the item they want to buy, discuss its features with friends over a cup of coffee, take masterclass or use free WiFi to check their emails. There is also a standard service area in Kcell Store where customers can activate SIM cards, top up, switch plans or get information about Kcell’s products and services.   

According to Kcell’s CEO Arti Ots, Kcell is the first provider in Kazakhstan to implement the innovative concept by combining sales and hospitality and top level service. 

"Data growth has become the key market trend. Today, the customers want to get information on new services, state-of-the-art technologies and package deals in a fast and comfortable way. We have done a lot of analytical work, including preferences of local customers, and come up with this exclusive interior design. Our efforts resulted in the first Kcell Store in Kazakhstan – a store that combines the latest approach of global brands towards service quality and friendly and welcoming atmosphere" Arti Ots commented on the opening of the concept store

The first Kcell Store is located in MEGA-2 shopping mall. The store offers a full lineup of iPhone handsets along with other popular models of Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo smartphones. The store area is divided into several special zones, such as lounge, sales, customer service and testing. It is expected that about 300 customers will be visiting the store daily. Our customers will be able to “test-drive” the latest smartphone models. The first visitors will be able to test Oculus rift headset and take part in the smartphone-controlled car racing. 

The company plans to open Kcell Stores in other major cities of Kazakhstan. The stores are designed for the new generation of Kazakhstan people, those who cannot imagine life without gadgets and innovative technologies.  

The official opening of the Kcell Store will take place in Almaty on March 14th, 17.00 at: MEGA-2 mall, Rozybakieva 247A. Opening hours: 10.00 - 22.00