Kcell has been rewarded by EUROBAK for giving support to students


European Business Association of Kazakhstan (EUROBAK) has rewarded Kcell for the project applicable to the corporate social responsibility - “Coursera”. This large-scale education project has become the best in the nomination “Support for students”.

The “Coursera” internet portal of free online-courses from the leading world-wide universities was started in 2011. Mission of this platform is to make high-quality education more gettable for everyone interested and to give a lift in acquiring a new knowledge for personal enhancement. It should be pointed out that it includes not just boring lectures but an interactive video content and socializing in a forum with fellow students for the purposes of more effective education, discussion of information obtained and exchange with experience.

Kcell has translated 5 popular courses of the “Coursera” Education Portal to Kazakh: “Gamification”, ”Creative Programming for Digital Media&Mobile Apps”, “Inspiring leadership”, “Networks: Friends, Money and Bytes”, “Learn to Program: the Fundamentals”.

“We are happy that the social project of our Company has been given such a high-profile award and recognized as the best learning program for students. The “Coursera” online courses are an excellent opportunity for those who are engaged in self-education to get international training from the leading world universities and on Kazakh now for absolutely free. We believe that perfect education can be acquired sitting even at home”, - noted Anna Tustikbayeva, communications manager of JSC Kcell.

This is to remind you that it is not the first award given by EUROBAK to Kcell. Last year the Company was recognized as the best one for “ICT Development Fund” project related to support for perspective start-up projects in the sphere of information communication technologies in the nomination “Support for Kazakhstani entrepreneurs”.

Every year EUROBAK gives awards to the best social corporate projects among international and Kazakhstani companies. This year the third Ceremony of rewarding of companies with active social positions which are the part of the Association took the place.

“Since the project start up, about 60 companies have participated in it with more than 80 projects. High standards of selection include such indicators as implementation of the project without getting support from state agencies; no pronounced advertisement of the company services; time spent for this project; number of people involved to this project implementation; and the main one – number of people this project had influence on or whose life was altered for the better”, - commented Yulia Kussidi, the Executive Director of EUROBAK.



European Business Association of Kazakhstan (EUROBAK) is a non-commercial organization formed in 1999 at the initiative of EU companies and the Delegation of the European Union Commission. EUROBAK incorporates more than 150 world-wide well-known international, European and Kazakhstani companies, diplomatic missions from EU countries and other countries of the world.

The Association plays a big role in promoting and nurturing mutual understanding between Kazakhstan and the countries of the European Union in both business and social spheres. At present, EUROBAK is a dynamically growing organization representing a number of advantages for companies that are the part of the Association for the purposes of further successful development of their business in Kazakhstan.