activ is the leader of rating of satisfaction and loyalty of mobile communication subscribers

According to EPSI Rating (independent project on assessment of European Performance Satisfaction Index), satisfaction and trust of Kazakhstan mobile communication customers within a year increased for all operators. Therewith, active showed maximum increase of indexes became a leader of satisfaction and loyalty of subscribers.

Kcell JSC is holding the leading positions on satisfaction and loyalty of customers among all mobile operators in Kazakhstan in 2014. Satisfaction index of Kcell brand customers remained on the same level in comparison with 2013. The changes comprised 0.3%, and the index remained on 77.8 points. activ brand index showed maximum increase in satisfaction: for the last year it increased to 5.7% and comprised 80.9 points. Increase of loyalty index of activ customers showed record 8.9% and reached the level of 83.6 points. According to the opinion of researching agency, updating of active brand and other actions of operator connected with increase of importance of provided services positively reflected on acceptance by Kazakhstan population the quality of work of this operator.  

“To keep leading positions as per level of satisfaction and loyalty of clients in the high competition environment is a big challenge. Therefore our company is mostly concentrated on clients. Results of EPSI Rating are annually confirming that our clients see how we change in order to provide them high quality services, and we are thankful to our customers for such a high appreciation of our efforts”, - noted Hikmatulla Nasretdinhodzhayev, B2C Director Kcell JSC.

In general, researches showed that satisfaction of customers with quality of work of mobile communication operators in Kazakhstan in 2014, as well as level of trust of customers, improved in comparison with the last year as it is obvious from results. Loyalty index in average increased to 5.8% and reached the level of 81.4 points which means very high trust of customers to their operators. Analytics connect it with the fact that Kazakhstan people felt the importance of provided services and importance of servicing at the mobile communications market. And mobile operators devoted considerable attempts for improving quality of servicing of their customers during the last year.

Average index of satisfaction of users of mobile communications in Kazakhstan for the last year increased to 3.7% and comprised 79.4 points. Analytics of the agency consider that operators possible have become more attentive to the needs of their clients and started more actively develop mutual relations with customers in the background of increasing competition and attention of controlling authorities to the development of this branch.

Table 1. Index of satisfaction of customers of Kazakhstan mobile communication operators and changes in 2013. EPSI Rating 2014.

Brand Satisfaction index (EPSI) Changes by 2013, %*
Kcell 77.8 +0.3
activ 80.9 +5.7
Beeline 79.3 +3.8
Tele2 78.3 +3.7
Altel 77.4 -
Branch 79.4 +3.7

* Measurement errors comprised in average 2 points (about 3%)


In the basics of analysis of experience of relations of customers with operator of mobile communications there are 5 aspects of satisfaction – image, quality of product, expectations of customers regarding the company, service quality and correlation of price/quality (money value). Deep analysis of data in 2014 in average shows that customers felt considerable changes in the quality of work of operators during the last year connected with servicing of customers and increase of service value rate. Assessment of “Service quality” factor increased to 5.2%, and “Correlation of price/quality” factor increased to 4.9% by reducing the cost of services and servicing.

Satisfaction of customers of corporate segment of market increased to 2.3% and reached the level of 79.8 points. Loyalty of corporate customers to their operators haven’t changed and remained on the level of last year indications.

According to the opinion of EPSI Rating agency, despite of rapid implementation of Mobile Number portability service (MNP), it hasn’t demonstrated considerable changes at the market.  Such is opinion of Kazakhstan people that participated in this research. Customers are trusting to their operators and in most cases are not ready to change their suppliers of services in near future.

During researches, collection of information by which was held during November-December 2014, about 1250 customers in Kazakhstan assessed the quality of work of operators for the last 12 months.  The interviewing was conducted through phone by independent Kazakhstan contact – center under control of EPSI specialists and in accordance with European standards of EPSI Rating. Analysis of data was conducted for the major brands with most portion of market, taking into account dynamics of the last years.