New Year’s Eve: new mobile internet trend


New Year’s Eve of 2015 shows us a new trend. Kazakhstani people began to actively congratulate each other by the means of mobile internet. Kcell subscribers used 4.5 thousand GB for the first hour of new 2015 year which is more than 1.7 times of the last year’s eve. Also 19.5 thousand Gb were transferred for the first four hours of 2015. However the number of calls is almost similar to the ones made in 2014 year’s eve. 17.4 million calls were made by the subscribers for the first hour of 2015 which is more by only 200 thousand times of 2014. Totally 37 million calls were made from 0.00 to 04.00.

Activity of the subscribers to make calls exceeded the statistical average activity by 56%. Meanwhile SMS was sent for 3 times frequently than in an average day. Interestingly, lots of the subscribers prefer to send SMS with their wishes to their nearest and dearest ones in advance. On 31 of December from 20.00 to 0.00 of the 1st January 2.8 million SMS were sent. 1.2 million short messages were sent within the first hour of the new year. And also 2.8 million messages were sent until 4 o’clock. Speed of SMS transmission is about 5 seconds.

In order that the subscribers could manage to congratulate each other with the holiday 90 engineers of the company were on duty to perform voice and internet services during the New Year’s Eve.

«New Year is one of the favorite holidays of Kazakhstani people. It was significant for us to provide our clients with the high-quality network as it helps them to congratulate their closest persons within the first hours of new 2015. May this year bring a lot of happy moments for all of you», - said Rikard Slunga, Director of ICT Department, “Kcell” JSC.