Kcell’s SMS-Project will give a “Helping Hand” to families in need


The “Kcell” Company has opened a short number 1919 in the framework of the “Helping Hand” Project that is implemented in association with SF “Shugyla”. Now Kcell and active subscribers can reach a helping hand to needy families of Kazakhstan by sending a simple SMS.

The “Helping Hand” is a new charitable project of “Kcell”. Now subscribers of the Company can help needy families and people by sending SMS to 1919. Once SMS is sent, the subscriber will get a reply with code which can be entered in the “Helping Hand” section at www.shugyla.kz and upload information content. Cost of one SMS is 250 tenge.

The SF “Shugyla” has been operating since November, 2007. Presently the Social Fund is implementing 6 socially valuable projects: “The best day of a year”, “Bereke”, “It’s time to go to school”, “One family helps another family”, “Rehabilitation of children with ICP” and “Giving warmth”.

The “Giving warmth” is a seasonal project. Employees of “Kcell” had also participated in it. Together with journalists they became volunteers of the fund. By combined efforts they succeeded in offloading coal, packing it to bags and delivery to needy families in Karasai district so these families can celebrate the New Year in warm houses.

“It is important for us to actively participate in providing help to vulnerable social groups using technologies of the cellular communication, - commented on the Project start the Chief Executive Officer of JSC “Kcell”, Rikard Slunga.- We believe that the best start of any act of kindness is to do it by ourselves. Therefore employees of our Company personally took part in the Project of SF “Shugyla” – “Giving warmth”, not just collecting money to buy coal for families living in unheated houses, but working as volunteers. We encourage all caring people to give a helping hand with us and jointly assist people in need. To this effect it is required to send a SMS to 1919”.

“We are glad to enter into partnership with “Kcell”, surely as the result more Kazakhstanis will participate in charitable projects. For last 4 years only our fund had collected money for 731 tons of coal, 3424 food baskets, 1260 sets for school, and 1727 families got clothes in social shops of the fund, 120 children from orphanages got opportunity to visit theme parks. People in our country are very warm-hearted, and we give our thanks to all who came forward and showed generosity”, - disclosed his thoughts the President of SF “Shugyla”, Aset Smailov.

The Fund “Shugyla” guarantees spending funds collected by means of SMS as per their intended purpose, and also their transparency. Every subscriber may check number of messages received at shugyla.kz, and find out what these funds have been spent for using the fund’s financial reports.

The “Helping Hand” is the third large-scale SMS-Project commenced by “Kcell” Company. This year subscribers of the Company were able to send 100-tenge SMS to 1101 to collect money for greening cities of Kazakhstan within the “Green City” Project with SO “Plant a Tree”. Since 2007 the Company renders assistance to Aruzhan Sain’s charitable fund “HOME” within the Project “Give Children Life”. In order to collect money for making surgery to children abroad it is required to send 280-tenge SMS to 8099.

Information for editorial staff

Kcell is the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Kazakhstan by market share in terms of revenue and the number of subscribers. It has operated since 1998, and as at 31 December 2013 it had approximately 14.3 million subscribers, representing a market share of 46.2%, as estimated by the Company. Its estimated market share in terms of revenue was 54% for the year ended 31 December 2013.

Kcell provides mobile voice telecommunications services, messaging services, value-added services such as multimedia and mobile content services, as well as data transmission services including internet access. It has two brands: the Kcell brand, which is targeted primarily at corporate subscribers (including government subscribers), and the Activ brand, which is targeted primarily at mass market subscribers. The Company offers its services through its extensive, high quality network which covers substantially all of the populated territory of Kazakhstan.

In December 2012, Kcell successfully completed its offering of GDR’s on the London Stock Exchange and common shares on KASE. The price was set at USD 10.50 per GDR and KZT 1,578.68 per share with each GDR representing one share. The offering consisted of a sale by TeliaSonera of 50 million shares, which represent 25 percent of Kcell’s share capital. TeliaSonera holds directly and indirectly 61.9% of the Company’s common shares.

Kcell plans to benefit from the significant growth potential for mobile data services in Kazakhstan. The Company intends to continue to invest in the deployment of its 3G network to expand coverage. Kcell aims to maintain its market leadership in terms of revenue and the number of subscribers by offering its products and services at competitive prices, expanding its offering of products and services, maintaining the high quality of its network and enhancing its brand value.

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