Cellular networks and other 100 inventions which changed the world


Almaty has become the venue for an international multimedia exhibition “101 inventions which changed the world”. The exhibition opened on October 4 in the SPACE Multimedia Gallery of the shopping and leisure center Dostyk Plaza.

In order to create the exhibition, the Grande Exhibitions Team invited a board of international experts in the field of science and exhibitions from the USA, Israel, China, Finland, Denmark, etc. Directors of museums and exhibition centers collectively chose 101 inventions which affected the course of world history and development of mankind. In Kazakhstan this exhibition became available due to the masterminds – the team of SPACE Multimedia Gallery.

“We promote the idea of self-education through the latest exhibition technologies. This exhibition can be visited by both children and adults. Anyone can learn something new and interesting in a very accessible way – with the help of video and sound technologies” commented Galiya Imanova, the organizer of the exhibition.

The exhibition is a multimedia show organized by Space Multimedia Gallery. The format of immersion is provided by a unique system SENSORY 4, which includes 40 high-definition projectors, large-scale screens, high-quality surround sound and advanced graphics to help one easily immerse into any historical period.

Cellular operator Activ became the general partner of the exhibition to make an unusual gift to Kazakhstani people in honor of its 15-year anniversary.

“101 inventions” covers a period of several million years. At the same time, the most qualitative leap in evolution of mankind happened over the last 100 years. We, as a cellular operator, find it very important that the authors of the project included cellular networks in the exhibition as one of the key factors in development of mankind. GSM standard in Kazakhstan is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Cellular connection has given us more freedom: we can now communicate with anybody from any place which has cellular connection, as well as control business and deal with working issues.

Over these 15 years cellular connection has saved thousands of lives, helped solve hundreds of crimes and joined the fates of millions of Kazakhstani people. We supported this exhibition in honor the 15th anniversary of Activ, which unites the variety of our subscribers’ interests into one bright, interesting, entertaining and productive sphere of communication. We hope that our subscribers will be inspired by the limitless opportunities for people, which help them live in communication and make new discoveries” said Rickard Slunga, acting CEO of Kcell JSC.

“101 inventions which changed the world” is a project of an Australian company called Grand Exhibitions, which organizes mobile international exhibitions. The exhibition experience of the company accounts for 6.5 million people who have visited different edutainment expositions in 70 cities around the world. 

The exhibition will for last two months and then its venue will be occupied by another project by Grandе Exhibitions Company.


Information for visitors:

SPACE Multimedia Gallery is located on the 3rd floor of the shopping and leisure center Dostyk Plaza, Dostyk Avenue, corner Zholdasbekov Street.

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