Kcell again recognized as a leader of mobile communication


JSC " Kcell " was announced as leader of the mobile communication industry in Kazakhstan during V Economic Forum "Expert -200- Kazakhstan", which was held November 22, 2013 in Astana. The decision was based on the production performance of the company in 2012, such as revenue, sales and profit.

Ali Agan , CEO of JSC «Kcell», said:

"We are especially proud - to be awarded second time in the nomination "Leader of the mobile industry". We are happy to contribute to the development of the new economy of Kazakhstan, which raised and successfully developed during the formation of the country's independence. We will continue to apply our unique knowledge and expertise for the development of advanced communication technologies, bringing to market products and services that make mobile communication more convenient and accessible".

According to "Expert RA Kazakhstan", "Kcell" still remains the leader in the mobile market by sales volume, preserving 17th position in the ranking of the 200 largest companies in Kazakhstan in 2013. In addition, in October of this year, the company has become one of the top 50 large businesses in CIS countries in terms of labor productivity in the ranking of "Expert RA" (Russia). In this ranking "Kcell" overtaken other mobile operators in Russia and Ukraine. Experts estimate that the efficiency of labor in "Kcell" higher than in corporations such as "Gazprom", "Rosneft", "Transaero" and "Baltika".

Labor productivity in companies from the list of "Expert -400" is on average 183 thousand dollars per person. The main tools for improving productivity, according to analysts "Expert RA" are to improve business processes, the transition to advanced technology and skills development. The experts of the Russian rating agency believes that there is an advantage in Russian companies before the CIS countries in labor productivity is becoming increasingly ephemeral. This is due to the fact that most of Kazakhstani companies included in the top 50 rankings, are subsidiaries of large foreign companies. 16 Kazakh companies staying in ranking, and only "Kcell" represents non-oil sector of the country.