Dividend Policy

  • In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Company's Charter and this Policy, the Company's Board of Directors prepares a proposal on the procedure for distribution of the Company's net profit and amount of Dividends for the last financial year, quarter or six month period based on the results of the Company's audited financial statements for the relevant period.
  • The decision to pay Dividends and approve Dividends per ordinary share is taken by the General Meeting of Shareholders.
  • The amount of annual Dividends on the Company's ordinary shares will be not less than 50% and not more than 100% of the Company's net cash flow for the previous financial year (cash flow from operations and investments).
  • The payment of Dividends should not lead to a breach of the Company's financial covenants to creditors.
  • The minimum amount of Dividends, subject to cash flow from operations and investments, should be 20% of net profit for the past financial year.


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