Dividend Policy


Net income of the Company shall be allocated in accordance with a relevant decision of the general meeting of shareholders for payment of dividends, based on the Company’s development or other goals and a long-term targeted net debt to EBITDA ratio in the range of 0.5–0.9. Unless the Company’s shareholders decide otherwise, annual dividends on common shares of the Company shall be at least 70% of the net income of the Company for the previous financial year. When making decisions on payment of dividends, the general meeting of shareholders will take into consideration the proposal of the Company’s board of directors as to the amount of such dividends that shall be based on the Company’s best interests, cash on hand, cash flow projections and investment plans in the medium term perspective, as well as capital market conditions. The Company intends to pay dividends annually in respect of the previous financial year, as resolved by the Company’s general shareholders’ meeting.