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Cancellation of admission of GDRs to the Official List and to trading on the London Stock Exchange and to listing and trading on the Astana International Exchange and Extraordinary General Meeting

This document, including information included or incorporated by reference in this document, includes statements that are, or may be deemed to be, ‘‘forward-looking statements'' concerning the Company that are subject to risks and uncertainties. Delisting circular Kcell JSC ENG,

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting and Publication of Circular

Almaty, 25 February 2021 – Kcell Joint Stock Company ("Kcell" or the "Company") (LSE, KASE: KCEL; AIX: KCEL, KCEL.Y), the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Kazakhstan, notifies that, further to the announcement made by the Company on 24 February 2021, it has today published a Notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders ("EGM") and a circular ("Circular") outlining the details of the proposed cancellation of the listing of the Company’s Global Depositary Receipts ("GDRs") on the London Stock Exchange and the Astana International Exchange ("AIX") and the termination of its GDR programme ("Proposals").